UPVC Window Locks

UPVC Window locks are now the norm when it comes to newly built homes for the ease of maintainence of UPVC Windom frames and the economic sense they make. However, the UPVC window lock can be complex and varied and when they go wrong you should really get help from an expert.
At Kingdom Keys, we specialise in UPVC window Locks. With so many different sizes and types you need a locksmith that knows their locks. We provide solutions to fix your lock problems more quickly, efficiently and at the most honest prices of any local locksmith.

Where a lock has completely failed to open with its key, we have a 100% track record for fixing faulty UPVC window lock mechanisms in a single call out and that is because we are one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, mobile carriers of UPVC window locks.

UPVC Window Locks

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How they work

There are two locks to a UPVC window (the handle which some have a key lock on them) and a Locking mechanism which is a strip running from top to bottom along the edge of the Window (in a lot of cases) which has been morticed down the side in the Window. When the handle is pushed down from it’s open 90 degree position, all the locking points on the edge engage into the keeps located on the side of the Window frame. The key in the handle can then be turned 180 degrees to be dead locked on the Window handle from the inside this will help prevent unwanted opening.

Top 9 Faults on UPVC Windows:

  • The key will not fit inside the lock & will not turn.
  • The Window has dropped and started catching on to the frame.
  • It is difficult to lift the handle up or turn the key to lock the Window.
  • The window unlocks, but you cannot get the key out.
  • The handle becomes floppy or will not spring back up to its proper position.
  • The mechanism unlocks but the window fails to open.
  • The key will not fully rotate round to allow for the handle to be pulled down / up.
  • The key just spins around and around in the lock.
  • The handle is broken.

UPVC Window Locks

The most common call I get for UPVC Window lock repair is the loss of keys. It is not all that uncommon for a new home owner to find that the previous owner either lost the keys, or simply did not leave them behind.

For security and safety reasons as well as insurance requirements everyone needs a set of keys for their UPVC Window locks.

It is possible to get new keys or extras, provided the window is fairly new. What I have found to be the case with windows from around mid 80’s, the keys are either no longer made, or they are so difficult to find it takes a tremendous amount of time to locate them. In cases like this I normally recommend that we replace the old Espag window handles with new ones. This is a quick and relatively inexpensive fix.

We offer a service to replace lost keys for all UPVC Window Locks.

Sometimes it is nice to be able to leave your windows open, but we need to think about safety and security first. If we cannot leave it safely open then we tend not to have the window open. A security feature that may be worth thinking about for the warmer months and as a safety precaution for young children is the use of window opening restrictors.
Window Opening restrictor at Kingdom Keys LockamithsFitted Window Opening restrictor at Kingdom Keys Lockamiths

These enable windows to be left slightly open allowing in fresh air but restricted in opening further by a window opening restrictor lock, we at Kindgom keys supply and fit them, just contact us for a quote.