We have built Kingdom Keys on the cornerstones of trust and honesty, we are going to give you straight honest answers with regards to any work we do. If you call us out for a lock repair, that is what we will do. If we are unable to repair the lock for whatever reason, we will explain it to you so you are clear before we replace it. We ALWAYS keep our customers informed about what we can/will do and explain the problem in a way you will understand.

Why Locks Sometimes Break

  • The lock is seized
  • Old and worn out through use
  • One of the moving parts inside the lock has broken

How We Repair Locks

  • Sometimes a repair is as simple as applying special oil and greases to free a seized lock. We do not recommend applying normal oils and greases to your lock if you suspect it is just seized up, doing this can actually exacerbate the situation, making it worse.
  • When a mortice lever or detainer lock has a broken part, we carry a stock of these parts. In some cases where parts need to be ordered in, it is more cost effective to just replace the lock

Why We Are A Cut Above Other Locksmiths for Lock Repair

  • We are skilled in the art of repairing multi-locking door locks. This is like a jig saw puzzle that must be repaired very carefully to ensure that when it goes back together the end result is a properly working lock.
  • We carry a large selection of locks in our vans and are able to replace most locks there and then, in the event a lock repair is not possible.

Call Kingdom Keys for trusted lock repair.