The Value of A Restricted Key System

Having control over the number of keys floating around is important. For private homes and properties this is relatively easy. However this isn’t the case with a Property Letting Agent.

A restricted key system allows you to control the number of keys available.

What is a Restricted Key System?

Key restricted Lock - RS SigmaA Restricted Key System utilizes patent protected keys and lock cores to restrict access to your building/complex and stop unauthorized duplication.

These patented keys are highly controlled and only available to approved agents. Kingdom Keys records details about who is authorized to have them duplicated.

The locksmith will not cut a duplicate key without a letter/order signed by one of the Signatories for your system. So a Property Letting Agent can have all of his/her properties fitted with restricted keys then you have control over how many keys exist. It is impossible for a tenant to duplicate the key without the proper credentials. The number of keys a Letting Agent gives to the tenant is the number he/she will get back with the assurance no more keys exist.

Advantages Of A Restricted Key System

Key restricted Lock - RS SigmaA restricted key system is a smart, far simpler and cost effective way to keep the property safe for the next tenant, rather than changing the locks every time the tenant leaves.

  • Can be keyed alike for multiple locks. This is great for homeowners; no more searching for which key fit which door.
  • Can be master keyed. A great advantage for businesses; you have access to all areas, whilst giving your employees individual keys to access unrestricted areas.

Why the Restricted Key System Kingdom Keys uses is superior to others?

  • It can easily replace a normal open profile standard lock.
  • The R S Sigma that Kingdom Keys uses has unlimited protection against unauthorised key coping, meaning our system does not have an expiry date.
  • The R S Sigma restricted key system is an EN European regulated 13013 cylinder with a high level of security
  • Very high unlocking protection e.g anti pick & key bumping
  • High protection against drilling e.g anti drilling protection
  • Optimum tear-off and core pulling protection e.g anti core pulling
  • Core head curved to the inside and the vertical key guide which facilitates ease of use
  • Compatible with electronic products

Call us to come and install the R S Sigma restricted key lock system.